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FIC: Truth or Dare, Part 1

Fic for all! :D

Title: Truth or Dare (please ignore the sheer crapiness of the title, it was all I could come up with at the time).
Characters: Harry, Draco, with appearances by Hermione, Weasleys, various other ex-Hogwarts students, and Lucius and Narcissa.
Pairing: It should really go without saying, but: H/D.
Warnings: Slash, much swearing, lots of implied meanings, and a rather vague masturbation scene.
Disclaimer: The usual: I do not own Harry Potter, I only wish I did. HP belongs to JKR, the lucky woman.
Rating: Just to cover my back, we'll put this at a nice round +17 (if that's even a legitimate rating).
Summary: When you're lonely and bored, you'll do almost anything to shake it off. Even play a game of Truth or Dare.
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